Cash Advance

Cash advances are available at Basin State Bank for almost all American consumers. Cash advances are short-term financial products that customers repay in a lump sum within a specific repayment term.

Cash Advance Amounts: $100 - $1,000

Loan Repayment Schedule: 14 - 30 days

Annual Percentage Rate APR

The annual percentage rate represents the total expenses of the loan, expressed as a percentage. The annual interest rate calculation does not include the costs related to the non-fulfillment of obligations under the loan agreement. The effective annual interest rate on cash advances can reach 400% annually.

Penalties and Information on Renewal Policy

If the cash advance amount is not paid within the specified period, the lender may charge a penalty of the total amount of the outstanding payment for each day of delay. If the payment is not made for an extended period without the bank’s consent, other types of penalties are applied.

The timely payment of the cash advance creates a good credit history, which in the future increases the chances of obtaining a loan on favorable terms.

Approval Chances

An online cash advance will be acceptable if:

A cash advance will not be accepted if:

Borrow responsibly, appreciating your ability to repay the cash advances. Before you borrow, read the loan agreement terms and make sure you can meet them. The calculations are approximate and may vary insignificantly depending on the number of days in the month and the loan date.

Bad Credit Accepted?

Credit history consists of the loans you have taken and information on how you have repaid those loans. Bad credit history is created if you have not fulfilled your obligations in good faith. The loan provider has submitted this information to the Bank of the USA following the rules of the Credit Register. But in general, Basin State Bank allows bad credit scores under higher interest rates.

What documents do you need?

Identity card.
* The bank reserves the right to request other documents in case of need.

Why Cash Advances?

Cash advances are intended for small emergency expenses. The main benefit is accessing it both for yourself and your family. Approval is made almost instantly. We finance personal or family expenses, including refinancing loans from other financial institutions on favorable terms.