Individual Retirement Accounts

Build financial security and take advantage of tax savings with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

An IRA allows you to invest for your future or that of a loved one.  Basin State Bank offers traditional, Roth and Educational  IRA plans.  There are no fees with our fixed rate IRA.  See your local branch office for more information.  

Traditional IRA

The traditional IRA allows you to defer taxes on earnings until withdrawal.  Some contributions are tax deductible in the year they are made.

Roth IRA

A Roth IRA is a nondeductible account featuring tax-free withdrawals for certain distribution  reasons after an initial holding period.  If you expect to be in a higher tax bracket when you retire, you may benefit more with a Roth IRA because contributions are not deductible and are taxed in the year they are earned.

Education IRA

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts are non deductible accounts featuring tax-free withdrawals for a child's higher education expenses.  Qualified higher-education distributions from an education IRA are penalty-free and tax-free.